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31 December 2006 @ 08:11 pm
ahh...2007, a new year for a fresh start, whoopee! time for those dreaded resolutions & a recap of the year 2-0-0-6

New Year's Resolutions for 2007
(not listed in any particular order)
1) Do better in pre-calculus...alot better! T_T
2) Spend less $$$ on fangirling (exclusion: trip to korea)
3) Be more open =D
4) Eat healthier-ish-y
5) Study more
6) Sleep more Sleep during normal hours

Goals for 2007
(not listed in any particular order)
1) Do well on SATs
2) Do well in school
3) Go to Korea with Anne =D
4) Learn to drive
5) Meet Super Junior
6) Marry Kyuhyun, Micky and/or Seungri
7) Apply for really good college
8) Meet 펄블 GFS
9) Meet more people from the SHCJ crew<3

2006 was a good great year. Why? I met so many people who became such close friends with me esp. the SHCJ crew & 펄블 GFS. Lots of ups & downs, more ups though which is good. 

Hope everyone has a nice new year~~