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14 January 2007 @ 04:22 pm
the joy of love ♡  

So, today, today is SHCJ's 1 year anniversary. Wow, huh? 1 year passed by pretty quickly. 1 year of  meeting this group of girls who I didnt even know all that well and 1 year later, we're family to each other. 1 year ago, I loved Shinhwa and now 1 year later, it's all about Super Junior<3

SHCJ has really made a huge impact in my life. Never would I have thought in my life, that some of my bestest friends ever were made online. Strange, huh? I think not,1 year ago, I might've but now, anything is possible. Without SHCJ, I would've never met Anne, who's both my mom & younger/older sister. I would've never met Wenyi, who's like my mom hahahaha. I would've never met Mary, who's lame like my sister. I would've never met Sarah, who's like my sister. I would've met Sasa, who's cute or Callie who's cute and probably, one of the sanest among the crew haha. I would've never met Sherri who, oh boy, makes me feel like a mom >< And the rest of the crew<3333

All these wonderful people I met and more, they mean quite alot to me, they're in my heart, being squished by Super Junior haha xD

Once a crew, always a crew<3

Maybe our love for Shinhwa will fade away but our love for one another won't.

Have I ever said this before? 


I dont think I say this enough. I really hope, that I never stop loving them. Super Junior, unlike Shinhwa, I can grow old with them since the ages are so far off and the fact that I'm marrying Kyuhyun xD But that's besides the point. A few years from now, when I have kids, they'll think "ew, Super Junior is such an old group" then I will send them to their rooms and punish them. Of course, I guess, later on down the road, they will be old, but I will never stop loving them. I would love to see them in their 30s, 40s, whatever, singing&dancing to 'Miracle', 'Dancing Out', 'Tic Toc', 'Twins', etc. but I would definately want them to do 'U'. The song that really made me fall for them. 

Maybe down the road, it'll just be Anne, Mary & I that still loves them but who cares. We'll be there standing in front of the stage, waving our pearl blue light sticks and balloons, singing&dancing along with our boys.

Once a 펄블, always a 펄블.