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26 December 2006 @ 08:56 pm

This Christmas was definately memorable. So basically, Sherri, Penny and I spent it at Christine's house! Sherri & I were first to Christine's house and we watched Fast And the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Man, there is no one cute in that movie but I predicted correctly who was going to die haha;; Christine's mom made us some chestnuts so we were eating that and then Penny came and we ate the strawberry mochi she got. Mmm Mmm good =D Then we went off to play handball. I TOTALLY suck now T_T A year of not playing...AHHH I will get better by next spring!! My new year's resolution!!! Then since almost alot of good restaurants were closed for Christmas, we decided to cook ourselves an Italian meal of pasta, garlic bread and soup which well..turned out...abit peppery haha. After dinner, we played chinese poker to see who would wash the dishes. Penny lost so she had to do the dishes, I lost once so i had to clean the pot and Christine lost once so she had to clean the stove and the countertop. And Sherri, well she didnt lose a game cuz of her lucky price tag on her forehead haha. After, Sherri found the mahjong table but we couldnt find the mahjong tiles so we couldnt play mj T_T Oh oh and we had this pretty good fruit pie although Penny kinda killed the banana and the blueberries =X  So us being bored, we played cards. I lost in spit to Sherri, Penny lost in spit to Sherri quite quickly. Then Sherri and I taught Christine how to play Texas Hold'em. Then we played strip Texas Hold'em then regular strip poker. We were freezing our asses off when we lost our jacket. Haha, thank god we were wearing alot of layers. The worst it got was when Christine and I were in our tank tops haha. We didnt want to take off anymore so we stopped playing hahaha. Then it was time to go home =(

So today, the day after Christmas, I went shopping with Sherri & Penny at Roosevelt Field. Fun but exhausting. The freakin place is HUGE~ and the lines were pretty long. T_T But I did get myself some nice things :D I got:

Abercrombie&Fitch Charlotte polo - Navy

Abercrombie & Fitch Tara graphic tee-Navy

Abercrombie Raquel sweater - Blue

anddddddddd....I got myself another pair of Converses:

Maroon/Plaid double tongue Converse

I love them<333

23 December 2006 @ 11:13 pm
It's almost Christmas guys, yay~! This holiday is probably, the most stressful holiday ever or at least, to me it is. All those presents to buy, all that money down the drain. This year, I probably spent the most money ever...EVER on presents. T___T But to see those happy emoticons, it's all worth it haha. The Christmas decorations are up around my block and on my house too. Too lazy to take a picture since I have to walk out then back in xD But I did decorate my computer to get into the festive feel. Lookies!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Nice, huh? kekekeke. And yes, if you noticed, I changed the banner, got kinda eye weary seeing the same picture on 3 places: SJFH, my desktop and my livejournal so I changed it to something nice. Look, Jae nakedness~ *pokes Jae* heeehee

Everyone go listen to Seungri's solo, '다음날'. It's so nice, I love him. Cant believe he's younger than me. T___T Can I be his noona? Ottoke, now I know how Anne feels about young guys...they're so innocent! Wah~~

"leather is the new silver"
22 December 2006 @ 11:47 pm
(for my own reference just in case someone tries to steal something from me haha;;)

Super Junior - Twins (1st album)
Super Junior - U (1st single album)

TVXQ & Super Junior - Show Me Your Love

TVXQ - Tri-angle
(1st album)
TVXQ - Rising Sun (2nd album)
TVXQ - 동방의 투혼 (World Cup album)
TVXQ - 1st Live Concert 'Rising Sun' (Concert album)
TVXQ - 'O'-正.反.合. (Versions A, B, C, D)(3rd album)

Tohoshinki - Heart, Mind and Soul CD+DVD (1st japanese album)
Tohoshinki - Rising Sun/ Heart, Mind and Soul CD+DVD single (5th japanese single)
Tohoshinki - Begin CD+DVD single (6th japanese single)
Tohoshinki - Sky CD+DVD single (7th japanese single)

SMTown - '06 Summer SMTown
SMTown - 2006 Winter SMTown

BoA - Next World (Remix album)
BoA - Love and Honesty
BoA - Best of Soul
BoA - Outgrow

Trax - 初雨

SS501 - 2nd Single
SS501 - S.T 01 Now
(1st album)

Shinhwa - Perfect Man (5th album)
Shinhwa - The Everlasting Mythology (2nd concert cd)
Shinhwa - Brand New (7th album)
Shinhwa - Summer Story 2005 (Summer single album)
Shinhwa - State of the Art (8th album)
Shinhwa - State of the Art Special Edition (8th album)

M - IInd Winds *autographed<3* (2nd album)
M - IInd Winds Girlfriend Edition (2nd album)

SG Wannabe - The Clasic Odyssey (2.5 album)
SG Wannabe - The 3rd Masterpiece (3rd album)
SG Wannabe - The Precious History (Best of.. album)

Clazziquai Project - Color Your Soul
Clazziquai Project - Pinch Your Soul
(remix album)

Se7en - 24/7 (3rd album)
Se7en - Se7olution (4th album)

1TYM - One Way (5th album)

YG Family - YG 10th (Anniversary album)

Kim Jong Kook - This is me (3rd album)
Kim Jong Kook - 김종국의 네번째 편지 (4th album)

Epik High - Black Swan Songs (3rd album, special edition)

Lee Soo Young - Grace (7th album)

Hyori - Dark Angel (2nd album)

MC Mong - The Way I Am  (3rd album)

K - 美笑

N.R.G - New Radiancy Group
(7th album)

Tony An - 유추프라카치아 Love (2nd album)

GOD - Into the Sky (7th album)

Goodbye Sadness OST
Lovers In Prague OST
Bad Family OST

Music DVDs - Concerts&etc.
TVXQ - Rising Sun Showcase
TVXQ - All About TVXQ
TVXQ - 1st Live Tour 2006 - Heart, Mind and Soul 

Shinhwa - Winter Story Tour 2004-2005
Shinhwa - Brand New 7th Story

M - Girlfriend Live Concert 2006

Bi - It's Raining Concert

GOD - GOD Is Back Concert

Jang Woo Hyuk - 1st Live Concert 2006

SG Wannabe - 2006 Live Concert - The 3rd Masterpiece "Eternal Triangle

The King and the Clown
Welcome to Dongmakgol
A Bittersweet Life
A Millionaire's First Love

Super Junior - Boys in City

TVXQ - The First Photobook - Sketches in LA
TVXQ - Summer Paradise - The 2nd Photobook

Tohoshinki - Tomorrow -000777-days

Shinhwa - Colors


Ceci - Febuary '06
Ceci - October '06

Ecole - August '05
Ecole - November '06

Cindy - September '06

An An - November '06

Screen - July '06

Vogue Korea - December '06

Junior - August '05
Junior - Febuary '06
Junior - April '06
Junior - May '06
Junior - June '06
Junior - July '06
Junior - September '06
Junior - October '06
Junior - November '06
Junior - December '06

Syndrome - July/August '06
Syndrome - September/October '06

Se7en Japan Lightstick
Se7en - First Se7en Pamphlet

Bi - Rainy Day lightstick

21 December 2006 @ 06:46 am

I'm going to miss you, Mary<333333333333 Have fun~


17 December 2006 @ 09:56 am

I want T_T Look, look, individual posters of each member of TVXQ and some of Super Junior. I wish Kyu had an individual one but oh wells. And it comes with a 2007 star calender, even hotter. Oh gosh T_T
10 December 2006 @ 01:31 pm

ahhh, 'Show Me Your Love' is a mad addicting song around the holidays. Cant help but feel happy listening to it :D

like the new layout? i love it hahaha. i think i hav outdone myself xD Haha and yeah, the banner, very similar to SJFH's hahaha. Lazy ._. But it's kinda different since Yesung isnt cut off but the same since Siwon's crotch is stll there in the middle hahahaha. Coding credits to 


My mom cancelled on my eyeglasses trip today =( Pooies, oh wells, time to get la monthly mags for me & Anne ^________^ 

09 December 2006 @ 11:40 pm
ahhh, the holiday season is almost here! how do i know? my wallet is beginning to seem empty now that i have to get people christmas gifts and alot of my friends have their birthday right around this season too, those late and early bloomers (is that the right term? haha)

well, time to deck out the sweaters, scarves, hats & christmas cheer. and of course, make my computer abit christmas-y. how? with my ultra cool TVXQ christmas winamp skin. Ahh, it's love<3. TVXQ in their first year, they were soo cute&adroable back then, well, they still are, but they were so..child-like in their cuteness, now they have matured but still cute & loveable.how else can i decorate my computer? hmmms..oh of course! Have it covered with the Super Junior NII winter wallpaper. Total love. My baby is too hot T_T

and of course, what else can be complete without making a christmas list? hahahaha, it's my annual tradition i have with my friends. we make this list of things we want but of course, we never get anything on the list for each other...why? because we're weird & silly like that. although, i think this year, we're all giving gift cards to each other haha. we're too lazy to carry heavy things to school now. xD but im lazy, i dont want to make one hahahaha;;;; too cold to type so many things and it hurts to think..i think my brain froze ><

so whats your plan for christmas? imma have a fancy meal with sherri & penny xD
05 December 2006 @ 11:34 pm

 I miss you<3

-from ugly debbie

29 November 2006 @ 06:38 am
Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter.
After, post this in your journal, and give out some letters of your own. 

thoseforkeeps gave me the letter 'N'!

1. New pair of sneakers..ahh, they're so clean & shiny & comfy xD
2. Nae Ga Noo Neul Gam Neun Ee Yoo (Taebin's song<3333333333333)
3. Noticeably shiny silver pants xD (Anne will probably be the only that gets this haha)
4. Nice shelf filled with kpop-ness
5. 난 알아요 (Se7en's song<3333333333)
6. 날그만잊어요 (Gummy's song & the song my baby, yesung and ryeo covered on Music Wave<3333333)
7. "Nice, Nice" (that thing Sherri does hahaha)
8. Newest member of Super Junior, Kyuhyun<33333333333333
9. "NNNN" (that msn sound of Anne ^^)
10. Nice weather ;)
27 November 2006 @ 05:34 pm
congrats to super junior & tvxq <33333333 (haha, mad late)

and that is my whole little section of my room devoted to kpop