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11 September
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short chinese girl (that looks mixed) with medium length, dark brown hair.
has dark brown eyes under those funky black half framed, checkered boxed glasses.
has 9 piercings, 3 on my left lobe, 3 on my right lobe and 2 on my right cartilage.
likes to wear american eagle, abercrombie&fitch and anything casual&nice.
likes to wear those lovely converses&vans&dunks, nothing too high.
no makeup 'cept for occasional lip gloss and a spritz of mango spray from missha.

optisimitic, hardly pessimistic.open minded & kind.
somewhat crazy & weird & corrupted & has love for korean boys

PASSION (individual);
compassionate singer & baby & sometimes scary kyuhyun

PASSION (group/couple);
super junior, tvxq, epik high, big bang, ss501 ; jaeho, hyukmin, hyukhae, hyukhaemin, kangteuk, ryeosung

PASSION (music);
super junior, super junior k.r.y, super junior-t, tvxq, big bang, ss501, se7en,
clazziquai project, epik high, jay chou, 1tym, ayumi hamasaki, mika nakashima, utada hikaru